Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back in Blue

Hello! I am back...back in blue... BYU blue. A
s most of you already know, I was recently accepted to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in the fall...the greatest news of my life. Seriously, this is the only time I will toot my own horn but I have worked my booty off the past six years for this opportunity. I have prayed for months and months and daydreamed of my life of coats, boots and hot chocolate for what has seemed like years. I cannot express how utterly
overjoyed to know that I have been given the opportunity to not only take a huge step in my life but do it in a place molded for who I am. This is not just a school, this has sentimental and emotional value. I believe that being in a place like BYU will bring me opportunities to serve the Lord, carry on a family tradition, prepare myself to be a better future wife and mother, become independent, wear coats and boots everyday, wake up to mountains, go hiking, say prayers to begin my classes, be surrounded by people with my same standards, not be in Florida, (meet cute boys), and of course...enjoy Creamery ice cream. I am starting a new chapter in my life with gratitude, excitement and optimi
sm. I am actually grateful for the all-nighters, treks to get to school and higher standard that have helped me to be the hard-worker that I am today. But now I'm ready to have fun, to explore, be inspired, meet brand new people and create me. I have missed blogging and I really enjoy writing even though my only readers are probably my sissies (thank you). So, I have decided that a) to keep my sisters updated on my life b) remain in the kool kreative kids blogosphere and c) continue polishing my writing skills, I will post every week whether it be a picture or a list of all the things I did that
week. No matter what, I will do it. Done.
And so, I proudly present...myself...back in blue.
In the background is a huge poster thing I made last year for a class when given the assignment...bring in/make something that represent what inspires you...I went a little overboard. The night that I received my acceptance from BYU, Dad brought home beautiful roses and sparkling cider to celebrate! It has been a wonderful weekend!


  1. See, other people read your blog too :) I know I've already talked your ear off about the Y, but I'm so glad you got in and you're going to have a wonderful time! Just remember... socks!